Bleszed Space: Question of the Week! Does Church TV count as going to church? Why or Why Not?

This week we decided to ask this question, because this is another huge debate between the millennial crowd, and the traditional crowd. 

Many millennials, and Christians in general believe that watching 'Church TV' at home is simply just fine. 

Of course, many Christians believe that it does not count as actually going to church.

I believe that all stems from how you define the word "church"


So what is church?


The word "church", is defined as a "building used for public Christian worship, but in biblical terms "church" is a family, a fellowship, and the body of Christ. 

As always we like to hear from you all. The best response was,

"It's a convenient alternative to be fed the word. But living a Christian life is all about relationships. Not just your relationship with Christ but with other believers as well. We are to fellowship with one another and it's just an experience that's kinda hard to replicate.

It's a great option when there is no other option, but we should definitely have the desire to physically attend to praise, worship, and fellowship as one body in Christ. 


This response sums up everything!


Church is more than just being present in church, or just receiving God's word.  Church is all that and more, but most importantly it's about fellowship!


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