Bleszed Space: Question of the Week! Is It More Important to be Spiritual or Religious? Why?

A lot of times, we may hear fellow Christians or even ourselves speak the phrases "I'm very religious or "I'm more spiritual". Many times, we don't think anything of the phrases, but a lot of Christians don't realize that he just wants your heart. That being said, let's discuss this controversial question.

From the responses we received on Instagram, we were so happy people wanted to engage! All the responses were great!

The best response simply stated, "Neither, He just wants our hearts."

This response made perfect sense, and it was only right to share with all of you. 

A lot of Christians get absorbed with thinking a certain way to love God is better. When simply all that matters is accepting Jesus as our Lord and Savior, and our personal relationship with God.

At the end of the day, going to church, singing gospel songs, reading the Bible, going to bible study, fellow shipping with other Christians, and spreading God's love are all beautiful ways to show reverence for God. But all in all, never lose sight of what matters most. Accept the free gift, and follow Him! Remember, God knows your heart. Focus on your personal relationship with God, and get to know Him.

Don't be just spiritual or religious, be warriors for God!


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  • The spiritual is the heart of religion, the life within. Religion is in a sense a scaffold, a trail of breadcrumbs, a thread you hold onto to find your way out of a maze. It is a set of time proven exercises to help guide you, given the right mindset and effort on your part, to an experiential spiritual reality. It is a means to the end of kindling a guiding light within.

    Cheryl Grims

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