Bleszed Space: Question of the Week! Thoughts on Celibacy? Are You For It or Against It? Why?

This week we decided to talk about celibacy. This is a personal topic, but we were so happy people decided to engage with our post on Instagram.

Many Christians have different views on celibacy, because of their experiences or what they were taught.

Most of us were taught and have read that our body is a temple. In another word our body is something that is precious. 

Celibacy defined is basically the abstinence of sex. Most times it is for personal reasons.

'Your Body is a Temple' is defined as being the temple of the Holy Spirit. With anything you have to be careful what you allow to come in contact with your spirit. Soul ties are real.


As always we like to hear from you all. The best response was,

"I'm definitely for it! You find all of the [impactful] qualities about yourself and inner connection with God when you simply let go of all worldly oppression that society puts on you. Become one with yourself without the flesh, and you'll be amazed by the person you become. 


This response sums up everything!


Celibacy is more than just waiting for the right spouse, or "the right way" to do things. It's simply a way to protect your spirit, get closer with God, and get closer with yourself!


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