Bleszed Space: Question of the Week! Should Christian Women Practice Modesty or Does it Not Matter What You Wear?

Over the years, there has been an on-going debate of what a Christian woman should wear. The divide comes from what was considered modest in the past, and what is considered "modest" in today's time. With everyone's different views on what is acceptable, we should all remember that God says, "come as you are." But ultimately, we should always give God our best. Let's discuss this controversial question.
Because this particular topic is always a "touchy" one, we were glad we still received some responses on Instagram.
Our favorite response simply stated, "Absolutely!"
I think this response was a reminder to us all. We should absolutely be modest, because our body is our temple.
Modest means many things, but ultimately in this way it means: observing the proprieties of dress and behavior; decent.
Decent means: standards of respectable and moral behavior. Satisfactory.
Dressing modestly does not mean your dress must touch the floor, or you must wear panty hose. It does not mean you have to wear any type of "dress code." It simply means be decent for the Lord. But don't just be decent, be your best self!
Dress your best for the Lord, because He always deserves your best!
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