Bleszed Space: Question of the Week! Do You Tithe? Why or Why Not?

"Well...Do you tithe?"
This may be the one question that makes everyone cringe.
Let's jump into it...
Tithing is a huge church debate, and many Christians have different views on it. Some feel its a necessity, and others feel like it's not.
I believe the debate started, when money that was tithed was used in ways the church did not agree with.
Others believe it is an Old Testament way of thinking, and it does not apply to us today. Some Christians have probably heard they'll be punished if they don't tithe. 
Ultimately, it may be extreme to tell someone they'll be punished if they don't tithe. Although, tithing is truly important. Simply you can not ignore the aspect of money. Our attitude towards money and how we manage it sets the tone for all other aspects of our lives.
Which is why tithing is important. 
After posting the blog question. Our favorite response stated,
"Yes! I tithe because it's the word of God.
I know that all I have is because of Him.
He blesses and keeps me daily."
I think this response was perfect. It reminds us that God provides for us, and tithing is a way of showing our gratitude!
Giving back to the church is giving to God!
Be good to God, because He is good to you.  
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