Bleszed Space: Question of the Week! Tell us about a Christian dating experience... Good or Bad.

This past week we decided to talk about 
the Christian dating experience.
This was not really a controversial topic, but we wanted to hear from all of you on your personal experiences.
Christian dating is dating with a purpose. It's having an end goal, and not tolerating anything that does not meet that end goal.
When you date, you should always treat yourself with self-respect. You should also date others with the same self-respect so they will treat you with respect. 
Ultimately, you should date like minded people. Date someone who loves the Lord.
Many people have different definitions on the word "dating"...
Dating or courting is ultimately the process of getting to know someone. There is nothing wrong with going on dates to get to know others.
No one responded on this particular discussion post, because it is a personal topic. But we want all of you to know that the best thing to do is just keep God first in all your dating experiences.
Most importantly, God is love! Let your love life mirror God's love for you. 

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