Bleszed Space: Question of the Week! Do you do Daily Devotionals throughout the week? If so, how often?

This past week we decided to talk about daily devotionals.
This was not really a controversial topic, but it isn't talked about enough in the Christian community.
Many people are involved in church, attend church, and praise the Lord with song, but not enough people spend alone time with God.
There is nothing like the feeling of starting your day off with God, or just mapping out some time with God.
Our personal relationship with God is so important. When we spend alone time with Him, that is how we grow more and more into Christ. That is how we become more Christ-like.
This past week, no one responded to our post, but that's okay. We encourage all of you to open up your Bible, and spend time with God at least one day during the week outside of church.
Make time for God!

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